Comhaltas is a proud voluntary organization committed to the promotion of traditional music and culture all around the world.

With over 400 community based branches, including 39 in North America, Comhaltas is a major force in the provision of authentic access to Irish culture worldwide.


Comhaltas in North America

Irish and American arts and culture have had a huge creative influence in each other across the centuries. Comhaltas is helping to write the next chapter in our shared cultural story as it celebrates it’s 60th anniversary. Without hesitation, it can be said that traditional Irish music, song and dance would not be as vibrant or visible on either side of the Atlantic without Comhaltas.

While Comhaltas first entered North America in 1972, it did so on the shoulders of previous work in Ireland. Since 1951, Comhaltas has been making music, establishing friendships and celebrating the shared culture of Ireland and the USA for over 60 years now. It has grown in vitality and strength with each new generation and the majority of the finest exponents of Irish music from all over the world lay claim to Comhaltas and its involvement in nurturing their musical careers.


“It was a social network phenomenon long before Facebook, blogging and Twitter came along” - Irish America Magazine



A sense of family is at the heart of the movement and easily felt at any Comhaltas event. The level of stewardship possible through Irish musical culture has helped build bonds across communities in the USA and Ireland. Comhaltas keeps cultural traditions alive.

Comhaltas has been renowned as the leader in Music Makers across the USA, but Comhaltas are makers of music more than music. The work of Comhaltas has blossomed in the last 60 years to the extent that words such as community, family, are synonymous with the word Comhaltas today.


For over 60 years, one organization has dedicated itself to bringing that culture and community spirit to countless people all over the world. However, Comhaltas is not content to just preserve and pass on the tradition of Irish music. It understands the true power and benefit of music for communities at large, therefore the true scope of this charitable organization’s role in strengthening community’s through culture involves a multiplicity of activities and events.

Aims and Ojbectives of Comhaltas

Our Bunreacht (Constitution) defines the aims and objectives of our movement as follows:

  • To promote Irish Traditional Music in all its forms
  • To restore the playing of the Harp and Uilleann Pipes in the National life of Ireland
  • To promote Irish Traditional Dancing
  • To foster and promote Traditional Singing in both Irish and English
  • To foster and promote the Irish Language at all times
  • To create a closer bond among all lovers of Irish Music
  • To cooperate with all bodies working for the restoration or Irish Culture
  • To establish Branches throughout the country and abroad to achieve the foregoing aims and objects

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