Download Logos and Forms

From this page you can download the official Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trad logos and the North American Meitheal fund logo.  All of the meitheal forms are also available for download from this page.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) color logo (December 2020 version)
Color version of Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs logo.
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North American Meithal color logo
North American Meitheal logo.
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Grant application process July 2021
Description of process and guidelines set by DFAT for Meitheal funding.
Grant application process, July 2021.doc
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Meitheal Terms and Conditions 2021
Terms and Conditions, August 2021.docx
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Example of Income Statement, July 2021
A “sample” Income and Expense (I&E) statement which is to be used as your financial report for your project.
Example of Income Statement, July 2021.d
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Additional Questions for Completed Projects, July 2021
Additional Questions for Completed Proje
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